Nov 25, 2016

gunostav 7 mate materiyal 2-8 papers and frame

‘Gunotsav’ is a special campaign meant for inspiring the teachers and students to do better and to exhibit the same. Each of you must have experienced that whenever a camera is focused on us, we automatically become alert in our posture and gestures to get a good photo. Though we know that the camera is not going to evaluate us, we become ready to show the best within us in front of the camera. Gunotsav is something similar to this. It provides the necessary focus to the entire activity of quality education. It provides an opportunity to the teachers, school authorities and students to exhibit the best in them. It motivates as well as cautions them that they are in front of lens. This is only a step forward, following which we have to go further.
Friends, ‘Gunotsav’ of the last year has brought some encouraging results. I would like to draw your attention towards a small encouraging example.
12 lacs children were found weak during last ‘Gunotsav’. Teachers took ‘Upachaar Varg’ (remedial classes) for three months by allocating extra time. When these children were evaluated by the UNICEF subsequently, 85% of these children had improved and reached a satisfactory level. There are several such examples.

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