Apr 28, 2017


Bahubali 2 is the most watched movie in the last 21 months. Here the question is uncertain why this movie has started making box office because there are no more tickets left for the first weekend. As far as the first day is concerned, people have got engaged in that they will first know why Bahubali was killed by Katappa.

But when you get out of the theater, more than this question, Puri will give you so much effect on the film, again you will be invited to watch the movie again.
superb high quality and Hollywood se b behtarhrin scenes .

After a long time, there is a film which has no doubt about success in India. Whether the single screen and what multiplex, the crowd is crowded everywhere. Those who do not have a ticket have also come to the cinema with the hope that perhaps the tickets will be found.

From the morning there is a line ahead of cinemas. In most cinemas of most cities, Bahubali 2 has been installed. Multiplexes have become single screens because they are not playing any movie other than Bahubali 2.

Vacations have been taking place in schools. This time there has not been any such release which is seen with the whole family. So Bahubali 2 will be seen only. This movie will also be seen by those people who watch two or three movies in the cinema during the year.

The beginning of the movie is bumper in every language and every screen. The box office collection on the first day will be historic.

my review - 5/5 and 1point extra for cinematography and scenes

BAHUBALI 2- THE CONCLUSION MOVIE REVIEW Rating: 4.5 Diposkan Oleh: Mehul Suthar

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