Oct 11, 2017


આ ચુંટણીમાં વીજાણુ મતદાન યંત્ર  સાથે VVPAT નો ઉપયોગ કરવાનો છે તો જાણો VVPAT થી મતદાન કેવી રીતે થશે

When in education? Think that someone fits and determines an IAS. What if The advice of how to do the operation of the patient is no IAS If you The advice of what to sow and sow in the farm is no IAS If you In these questions you will say whether or not it will happen, but in education it happens and then after failure, then the teacher of the Vankt teacher. Wow, .. brother wow ...! In fact, any decision regarding education should be taken only by educationists and teachers. The work of the officials should be done only to make it convenient and to comply with the decisions taken. In any decision making education, until the teacher becomes a partner, the pain is not taken in the veins. If you do any of the above, then you will get the failure and yes ... when the teachers are invited to the decision, yes .. Yes .. Yes .. do not call the person. The teacher who has the courage to say 'no' is right. Such teachers should be called. We have a custom of punishing a teacher who has a poor outcome in the school. When it comes to challenge, it is a matter of saying that the person who has been punished should be given the task of improving the result of the school. In fact, the reasons for the result are less in school. It should help all of the needed to remove the reasons.

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