Oct 20, 2017

Tamara Jio sim par free ma caller tune set karo SEE HERE

How to set up a caller tune in Geo in Hindi, Geo par collar tune kail felt, Set Geo May Caller Tune Ka Taariika. Reliance Jio Ka Collar Tun Number, Geo May Caller Tune Keys Change? Geo collar tune set toll free number, Reliance Caller Tune Code List All this information you can get in this article. If you're a Geo user, then there is a happy news for you. If you have given a free caller tune but most users can not use it, the QQCo Geo SIM free caller tune setting is the one that everyone does not know. Free calls, free internet, free sms delivering, as well as free caller tune. All SIM providers (Airtel, Idea, Vodafone etc), except for Geo, have given caller tune to telecom companies. But for this you need to pay up to RS 30 to 60 rupees per month, Geo SIM free caller tune against it. You have no activation charge and no fees for your balance are cut off. How to set up caller tune in Jeer in Hindi Read about how you activate the Geo Free Caller Tune in many places. No tactics are working, but the way that the Hindi bookmark has been said here is the work. So you can set a Geo SIM free caller tune. Then call somebody to listen to your favorite caller tune song. Set Geo SIM Free Caller Tune It is important that you use a Geo SIM card. Your phone is LTE (VoLTE) 4g supported, but there is another way even if there is no LTE. Install and activate all the apps in your smartphone. If you use a dual sim, activate the Geo SIM free caller tone only via Geo Sim. Now how we show you the Geo SIM free caller tune setting, read it carefully and follow it. First off in your mobile message box.   1. Here you are type of message GT. Which is stated below.   2. After doing the JT type, send this message to the number "56789".   3. You got a message from Geo side. In this there will be 3 options. Bollywood Regional International   4. Now you have to choose how you need to tune the poems song songwriter, its option number is the type in the message you have. And send it. Example: Type "1" if you want to make a Bollywood song with a collar tune. Type "2" for the regional and "3" for the international song. Send number type then   5. In response, the message will appear and then 3 options will appear. Song of the Day Top 10 Songs The famous song Choose from your preferred option from the option of 3 and then type the number in the number. Type the option number to send.   6. Now you will answer again and you will see the top 10 songs in the list. Choose to set your favorite songs Geo Sim Free Caller Tune from the list. Note: What kinds of songs do you need

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