Feb 10, 2018

How many teachers are responsible for dissatisfaction with education? On the edge of education: - Dr. Ashok Patel read here full notes

For dissatisfaction with education How many teachers are responsible? On the edge of education: - Dr. Ashok Patel For some time now, education has been heard from society and society, that the levels of education are gradually decreasing. The talk of the thieves is heard by Choute. There are facts, but for this most people consider the teacher to be guilty. Which is wrong. No one person or any other aspect is responsible for lowering the level of education. There are many reasons for this, but the blame is stuck on the teacher only. The teacher who has been made a goddess then goes to bear it. Sometimes the teacher is threatened sometimes from all sides, sometimes he is also advised. An example of the training held throughout the year. Now a day-long contemplation camp in Gandhinagar was held for teachers. Never got a fair idea after the camp or training. What do teachers want? Training or camps are organized only if they need to know what they need. For this, it has never been a success and if it does so, then there will be no guarantee of success in the future. An example of how our education has become a governmental and official is that one year ago there was a training in a district. For that, the teachers took the opinion of three talukas that what you liked in previous training, that should continue in the next training. Do not like it so do not include it in the future. Apart from this, what should be included in the next training now? The answers to these three main questions were given by the teachers. Whose findings are removed. Giving to government officials. But sadly, the teacher did not accept the instructions, but the training took place according to the thoughts of the officials. Here's just one drug for all. Disease differs, all of them are equally served and all teachers eat the same. Why not even diabetes? Government statistics show up and we know that admissions have increased in schools over the past few years, reduction in waste and stagnation. So is not the contribution of teachers to become such? If it is good, then the teacher blames himself when he gets hurt and gets worse. Where is this justice or conclusion? We all know that the government is entrusted with a lot of work, apart from teaching, because the government believes in the teacher that it will work and not do anything wrong. The question is, if a teacher does not work outside of education, will she not work in the classroom? Why do you blame him? One of the biggest weaknesses in our education is that they take education decisions that they do not have any relation to the detergent with education. Take medical, agriculture, engineering, mechanical or any other field. The decisions in which the expert in the field only takes it. When in education? Think that someone fits and determines an IAS. What if The advice of how to do the operation of the patient is no IAS If you The advice of what to sow and sow in the farm is no IAS If you In these questions you will say whether or not it will happen, but in education it happens and then after failure, then the teacher of the Vankt teacher. Wow, .. brother wow ...! In fact, any decision regarding education should be taken only by educationists and teachers. The work of the officials should be done only to make it convenient and to comply with the decisions taken. In any decision making education, until the teacher becomes a partner, the pain is not taken in the veins. If you do any of the above, then you will get the failure and yes ... when the teachers are invited to the decision, yes .. Yes .. Yes .. do not call the person. The teacher who has the courage to say 'no' is right. Such teachers should be called. We have a custom of punishing a teacher who has a poor outcome in the school. When it comes to challenge, it is a matter of saying that the person who has been punished should be given the task of improving the result of the school. In fact, the reasons for the result are less in school. It should help all of the needed to remove the reasons. We are inverted from it. We do not give the poor school as much as we need, punish us from above. Even if you do not want a good school that does not need it, you are still giving it. Brother, we need to be weak and not tolerate, but we believe in ourselves as a reformist. Talks with some teachers before Gunotsav. It was found that some teachers worked day and night to earn money from their own hands! Gunotsav was the second day of Vasi Uttaran. It is natural to see the presence of students in those days. Then the teachers had to bring their kite to the students and they had to do the same in Uttara school. So that the presence of the other day is complete! But it is not appropriate to keep such expectations for two months with teachers and if necessary, the government and the society should provide facilities and encouragement to the teachers. Yes, some teachers have been affected by the misdeeds of the society, but it is not right to blame the teacher Alam for this. Any corruption or bullying in politics does not mean that all politicians are bad. If a physician cheats the patient by earning money, then it does not mean that all the doctors are bad. If there is a rape in a police station, it does not mean that it happens in all the police stations. Even in exceptional cases, it is not appropriate for all the teachers to take applications or actions by being considered guilty due to exceptional circumstances. The government, society, guardians, officers, administrators or education, besides teachers, go below the level of
Congregations etc are equally responsible. Targeting one of the aspects, if doing education reform programs, then it would be worth killing. At which end, failure will be found only. The government and the society need a complete purushartha. In which teachers have to take part in their advice and suggestions. It will ruin time, power and wealth by sitting in outstanding offices and making decisions .... If you are a teacher, then read this article and send it to other Saraswat friends.

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