Feb 28, 2018

Live shridevi antim Yatra . Rip 🙏 om Shanti

Live shridevi antim Yatra

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Friends today is of the internet. And India is now doing more information on all departments on the lines of digital inida. So that citizens can get all the details of the house. You have seen many web sites in which you can shoping the house son. Jesse Amzon, Snapdeal, etc. And friends, we talk about farmers, so many mandiya digital mandi is now going on. And many more departments such as Krishi Department, Sirichi Department, Animal Husbandry, Department of Horticulture remain the webside. And online information is given for kisano ko jankari dene kisan help line and farmer call center my kisan dost etc. Also aadunik kheti or nai taknik se kheti ki jankari is given in hindi. Friends, every farmer's work is tied to his farm. That is why it is important to have complete knowledge of your farm. In today's post, you will find information about your farm at home. So that you have a misplaced map of the field and a loan of which bank. Information about this can be obtained. This information is for Madhya Pradesh. How do I know when I am busy First you get m.p. webside's webside  as soon as you go to this side you will see Madhya Pradesh's land records and home page of settlement. It will show a map of the center of the beach in the middle of which you will see all districts of mp in different colors. Now you can choose your district and cilik it on the district as you will okay on your district, whatever tehsil of the district you will face in front of you. You will select from any of your tehsils. After that you will come to light in front of me, that is, you choose your village. After you choose the caste, you will come to see how you would like to see. 1 according to the name Khasraa 2 according to measles number 3 all of Khasra account 4 Kisht captive khetani 5 Area related reports 6 Type of land 7 Government number list 8 Details of land 9 Crop Details If you choose the option that is fine, your village is small. So you can also look closely with Khasra name. Then, if you select it then you will see the list of all the account holders in front of you. Select your name and OK, after that you will see the information of the document. You can select here and go directly to the side of the mplend record. And for the map you Select here and go to the side of the map. Farmer brother living in Rajasthan, who has adopted the processor above to look at his landline online, open the link given below to get his copy of land, then choose his district and then after fixing the tahsil in the district. Select your village and then by measuring measles or typing in 3 letters of your name in Hindi, you can take the copy easily. Okay to get online copy of farm land in Rajasthan state.

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