Mar 29, 2018



When a public institution completes a long successful journey of 100 years of existence and justifies its presence, the society gets obliged to it. The Shri Sayaji Vaibhav Library, which has spread the aroma of knowledge and inspiration among thousands of people in the vicinity of Navsari since 111 years, has not just been a library but has become a centre of knowledge in true sense with its wide-ranging activities. Today, books have lost the status of primary, first priority of gaining information and entertainment in this world of T.V., cable, video and internet. In such a situation, to incite each citizen of the town towards books, Shri Sayaji Vaibhav Library has made the library a vigorous reading place and centre of information by initiating novel activities. The preeminent among extra activities of this library is “My favourite book” talk series. This talk series has gained reputation due to constancy, punctuality and commitment towards the society. To enhance the range of this activity run constantly for elders and children since 15 years, the library has started arranging such talk series for youth and women since 2003. The city of Navsari is well known for literature, arts, music, culture and learning. Shri Sayaji Vaibhav Sarvajanik Library – regarded as one of the best libraries in Gujarat – is a unique ornament of the civilized affluent city of Navsari. In appreciation of its commendable work for the excellent library services and wide extension of knowledge, this library has been awarded Shri Motibhai Amin Granthalay Seva Paritoshik certificate by the Government of Gujarat for five times i.e. in 1983-83, 1993–94, 2001–02, 2006–07 and 2007–08, which is a matter of pride for the library. This library was established in 1898 by the prosperous Maharaja Sayajirao Gayakwad of Vadodara. Before that a small library named “Sarvajanik Reading Room” had started in 1878. In 1898, both these were amalgamated at the Laxman Hall and jointly “Shri Sayaji Vaibhav Sarvajanik Pustakalaya” was established. In 1907, on the appeal of the then Suba Rao Bahadur Govindbhai Hathibhai Desai, Maharaja Sayajirao Gayakwad allotted the fund surplus from Maharaja Sayajirao’s silver jubilee celebration fund.

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