May 22, 2018

Std 10 ni purak parixa no suchit karyakram JAHER

 Std 10 ni purak parixa no suchit karyakram JAHER 

Schools of education have several areas of interest in both their research and practice. The first is teacher education, curriculum, and instruction. With their historical roots in the 19th century normal school, they train the vast majority of teachers. 
A second area of interest is educational administration. As the main institution for the training of principals and superintendents, there is a focus on the administration of schools and school districts.

 A final area of interest is education policy and reform. Many graduates of schools of education become involved in education policy.

 As such, issues such as equity, teacher quality, and education assessment have become focuses of many schools of education. 

The issue of equitable access to education particularly is common, specifically 

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