Oct 10, 2018

Tat exam rad kem karavama avi and kone fariyad kari koni same gunho nodhvama avyo

Tat exam rad kem karavama avi and kone fariyad kari koni same gunho nodhvama avyo

Aaj nu gyan
The following day the division improved its position. Strong point "Lion", to the south west of "Tiger", was captured, but an attempt to capture the remaining sections of "Tugun" was repelled. As a result of the fighting, the division began to face a shortage of ammunition for its artillery.[d] Due to the tank battle raging to the south, Scobie was ordered not to make a further advance.[77][78] The author of the Official History of New Zealand in the Second World War 1939–45, W. E. Murphy, highlights that the fighting by the British armour and 70th Division had created much "confusion in the enemy camp" and that, had the 32nd Army Tank Brigade attempted, it "could certainly have got to Ed Duda" and in doing so would have thwarted the German plans, greatly aiding the beleaguered 7th Armoured Division.[78][e]
To the south, having temporarily defeated the British armour, Rommel launched the Afrika Korps and the Italian mobile divisions towards Egypt in the "Dash to the Wire". He sought to relieve the besieged Italian garrisons along the border, cut the British supply lines and inflict an overwhelming defeat upon the Eighth Army. Despite causing panic amongst rear echelon troops, the attack was weak and ran into difficulties against prepared positions.[80][81] The 2nd New Zealand Division had advanced around the Italian border defences and on 24 November began an advance towards Tobruk. By the next day, the division had reached Zaafran and retaken the much-contested Sidi Rezegh airfield.[82]
From these positions, the New Zealanders were ordered to capture Belhamed, Sidi Rezegh proper and Ed Duda. This was to precede a renewed break-out offensive by the 70th Division.[82] Scobie had informed Lieutenant-General Alfred Godwin-Austen, the XIII Corps commander, responsible for all operations near Tobruk, that the positions between him and Ed Duda were strongly defended.[83] Godwin-Austen assured Scobie that he was under no obligation to attack until the New Zealand Division had taken Ed Duda.[84] Undertaking a night assault, the New Zealand infantry captured Belhamed despite strong resistance, but their attacks to take their other objectives were repulsed

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