Dec 27, 2018

Unit test ma re test and mulyakan babate imp suchanao see here

 Unit test ma re test and mulyakan babate imp suchanao see here

Aaj ka gyan

Walt Disney, the owner of the Carolwood Pacific Railroad, was a rail enthusiast.[1][2] As a young boy, he wanted to become a train engineer like his father's cousin, Mike Martin, who drove main-line trains on the Atchison, Topeka and Santa Fe Railway.[3][4] Disney's father worked as part of a track installation crew for the Union Pacific Railroad.[3] As a teenager, Disney worked as a news butcher on the Missouri Pacific Railway, where he sold newspapers, candy, cigars, and other products on trains.[5] He sometimes climbed over the tender and into the locomotive's cab while the train was in motion.[5][6] After he bribed the engineer and fireman with chewing tobacco, they showed him how to operate the locomotive.[5][6]
Disney renewed his interest in trains after injuries forced him to stop playing polo.[7]Seeking a calmer recreational activity, he purchased several Lionel train sets in late 1947.[7] By 1948, his interest in model trains was evolving into an interest in larger, ridable miniature trains after observing the trains and backyard railroad layouts of several hobbyists.[8] These hobbyists included Disney animator Ollie Johnston, who had a ridable miniature railroad, as well as Disney animator Ward Kimball, who owned the full-size, 3 ft(914 mmnarrow-gauge Grizzly Flats Railroad.[8][9]
On June 1, 1949, Disney purchased 5 acres (2.0 ha) of vacant land in Holmby Hills, Los Angeles.[10] The property consisted of a bluff, which was 2 acres (0.8 ha) in size, and a level shelf of land behind it, which Disney named Yensid Valley.[11][12] The word Yensid is Disneyspelled backwards.[12] Disney purchased this land to build a new family home with an elaborate backyard railroad behind it.[10] Plans for the railroad's layout included 2,615 feet (797 m) of ​7 14-inch (184 mm) gauge track with eleven switches, as well as gradientsoverpasses, a trestle, and an elevated dirt berm.[13][14] The layout would completely surround the house.[14] Disney's wife, Lillian Disney, objected to the plan that part of the layout be built in an area where she intended to plant a flower garden.[14] As a compromise, Disney had an S-curve tunnel built underneath the spot where the garden was eventually planted.[15] Aided by a Walt Disney Studios attorney, Disney had a tongue-in-cheek legal contract written to establish his right to own and operate the railroad's right of 

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